Course Tour

Hole #1 Par 4

Handicap: 11
Black Tees: 399 yds
Gold Tees: 373 yds
Blue Tees: 346 yds
Silver Tees: 314 yds
Green Tees: 283 yds


Hole #1 is a short dog-leg to the left. Avoid the large fairway bunker and birdie is a definite possibility. Stay below the pin on the green.

Hole #2 Par 5

Handicap: 5
Black Tees: 583 yds
Gold Tees: 556 yds
Blue Tees: 522 yds
Silver Tees: 491 yds
Green Tees: 467 yds


Hole #2 is a long par 5. A challenging tee shot awaits you. Two large bunkers split the fairway, which come into play particularly from the forward tees. Long hitters can go for the green in two.

Hole #3 Par 4

Handicap: 13
Black Tees: 342 yds
Gold Tees: 322 yds
Blue Tees: 301 yds
Silver Tees: 262 yds
Green Tees: 233 yds


This is Devil’s Thumb signature hole. Big risk, reward hole. Hit your tee shot from an elevated box to a green protected by bunkers. Long hitters can reach this green from the tee. Avoid all the hazards on this hole and you will be rewarded with a birdie.

Hole #4 Par 3

Handicap: 15
Black Tees: 186 yds
Gold Tees: 179 yds
Blue Tees: 156 yds
Silver Tees: 134 yds
Green Tees: 102 yds


One of the more scenic par 3’s. Drop a shot from the elevated tees to the green at the base of the arroyo. It’s hard not to be distracted by the beautiful mountains in the distance. You may want to choose less club for this shot.

Hole #5 Par 5

Handicap: 9
Black Tees: 526 yds
Gold Tees: 512 yds
Blue Tees: 465 yds
Silver Tees: 440 yds
Green Tees: 418 yds


Hole #5 is a very reachable par 5. The fairway is guarded by two large bunkers that come into play on your opening shot. From the forward tees the bunkers are not seen. Once you navigate the narrow approach, the green slopes from front to back.

Hole #6 Par 4

Handicap: 1
Black Tees: 435 yds
Gold Tees: 401 yds
Blue Tees: 352 yds
Silver Tees: 324 yds
Green Tees: 305 yds


The toughest tee shot on the course is the reason this is rated #1 in difficulty. You’ll have an easy second shot onto the green if you reach the upper level of the fairway. Accuracy is a must and par is a good score.

Hole #7 Par 3

Handicap: 17
Black Tees: 155 yds
Gold Tees: 147 yds
Blue Tees: 134 yds
Silver Tees: 122 yds
Green Tees: 94 yds


Hole #7 is a short demanding hole. Very seldom played downwind. Pin location will determine the level of difficulty. Don’t be short if the pin is on the left.

Hole #8 Par 4

Handicap: 7
Black Tees: 390 yds
Gold Tees: 366 yds
Blue Tees: 328 yds
Silver Tees: 298 yds
Green Tees: 266 yds


This par 4 gives you the best view of Devil’s Thumb, the rock formation the course is named for. Avoid the bunkers center and along the right.

Hole #9 Par 4

Handicap: 3
Black Tees: 436 yds
Gold Tees: 411 yds
Blue Tees: 382 yds
Silver Tees: 344 yds
Green Tees: 318 yds


Hole #9 is the second hardest hole on the front 9 and the highest point on the course. Catch the panoramic view of the entire valley and mountain backdrops. Two lakes and a creek guard the right side of the fairway making it a difficult approach shot.

Hole #10 Par 4

Handicap: 2
Black Tees: 468 yds
Gold Tees: 437 yds
Blue Tees: 409 yds
Silver Tees: 379 yds
Green Tees: 346 yds


Number 10, our version of the “Blue Monster”, is often considered by many the hardest hole on the course. It is a long dog-leg right with the lake running the length of the right side. A long second shot is required into a narrow green. Par is a great score on this tough hole.

Hole #11 Par 4

Handicap: 12
Black Tees: 398 yds
Gold Tees: 372 yds
Blue Tees: 321 yds
Silver Tees: 312 yds
Green Tees: 246 yds


Hole #11 is a short par 4 with a fairway split by a large bunker. The green is long and protected by 2 bunkers, one hidden from view. Good chance for a birdie on this hole.

Hole #12 Par 4

Handicap: 4
Black Tees: 481 yds
Gold Tees: 449 yds
Blue Tees: 412 yds
Silver Tees: 381 yds
Green Tees: 351 yds


A long par 4 with a generous uphill fairway. Few hazards on this hole but the difficulty comes from the length. The green is large and birdies are at a minimum.

Hole #13 Par 4

Handicap: 10
Black Tees: 414 yds
Gold Tees: 386 yds
Blue Tees: 354 yds
Silver Tees: 321 yds
Green Tees: 295 yds


In 2008 this hole was rated the most fun golf hole in Colorado. There are two ways to play this hole. Long hitters like to take the risk and go for it. Conservative players will play the top fairway and hit a blind shot to the green below. Golfers will then encounter the toughest green at the Thumb. A two-tiered narrow green makes your approach shot a challenge. If the pin is at the bottom birdie is a great possibility. If the pin is on the top tier, 5 is a great score.

Hole #14 Par 3

Handicap: 18
Black Tees: 141 yds
Gold Tees: 141 yds
Blue Tees: 126 yds
Silver Tees: 106 yds
Green Tees: 90 yds


Pay attention to the wind conditions as the wind will get tricky on this good par 3. From an elevated tee, hit down to a green that is protected by a deep bunker in front and a bunker to the right. You don’t want to be long on this hole as native rough lines the back of the green.

Hole #15 Par 5

Handicap: 8
Black Tees: 626 yds
Gold Tees: 570 yds
Blue Tees: 548 yds
Silver Tees: 517 yds
Green Tees: 495 yds


Hole #15 is the longest hole on the course, especially because a head-wind is usually present. The green is protected by a false front and bunkers to the rear. A well-placed shot will be rewarded.

Hole #16 Par 4

Handicap: 6
Black Tees: 447 yds
Gold Tees: 416 yds
Blue Tees: 381 yds
Silver Tees: 349 yds
Green Tees: 319 yds


Hole #16 is a slight dog-leg to the right and a good test of golf. Avoid the two fairway bunkers and have a mid-iron shot into the only elevated green. Make a birdie here and you are playing some golf.

Hole #17 Par 3

Handicap: 16
Black Tees: 192 yds
Gold Tees: 173 yds
Blue Tees: 155 yds
Silver Tees: 136 yds
Green Tees: 114 yds


Hole #17 is an uphill par 3. A good tee shot will be center of the green for all pin placements. Par is a great score.

Hole #18 Par 5

Handicap: 14
Black Tees: 557 yds
Gold Tees: 539 yds
Blue Tees: 498 yds
Silver Tees: 456 yds
Green Tees: 420 yds


Hole #18 has its temptations. Water on the right side comes into play on your second shot as the fairway dog-legs to the right. Conservative players will lay-up and have a shorter approach. Bunkers along the lake and guarding the green can make this hole a real challenge.